HTTP service that returns a list of process' names with boolean values that respectively telling us if process is running or not.
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package main
import (
// ProcessList is a map of processes' statuses.
type ProcessList map[string]bool
// NewProcessList returns a ProcessList with initialised map.
func NewProcessList() *ProcessList {
pl := make(ProcessList)
return &pl
// AddProcess appends a process to a ProcessList
func (pl *ProcessList) AddProcess(name string, isup bool) {
(*pl)[name] = isup
// ProcessXMLEntry is a XML representation of a process stored in ProcessList.
type ProcessXMLEntry struct {
XMLName xml.Name
Name string `xml:"name,attr"`
IsUp bool `xml:",chardata"`
// MarshalXML implements Marshaler interface for a ProcessList.
func (l ProcessList) MarshalXML(e *xml.Encoder, start xml.StartElement) error {
if len(l) == 0 {
return nil
if err := e.EncodeToken(start); err != nil {
return err
for key, val := range l {
XMLName: xml.Name{Local: "Process"},
Name: key,
IsUp: val})
return e.EncodeToken(start.End())